To Our Valued Potential Customer:

Hello and thank you for considering Something Fishy for providing a calming environment to your home or office. We offer a variety of tank sizes suitable for both freshwater and saltwater tanks, both equally exciting which provide a wonderful contained aquatic habitat. 

Here is a little bit of what we offer and are willing to do for you!  

Tank Setup

 Tank, Stand, Filtration, Lighting, Temperature control. 

  • For Saltwater: Live rock, Sand, Protein Skimmer, Sump, Salt, Return pump and Powerheads,  
  • For Freshwater: Gravel, Decorations 

Tank Maintenance

  • Cleaning of any algae on glass or rocks/decorations 
  • Filter maintenance: changing out filter pads and carbon packs ever one to two months  o Additional charge will apply for products used as needed · 
  • Water testing: includes ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, and salinity 
  • Water Changes: once a month perform a 25% water change 

What We're Offering

Should you decide to purchase a tank and all the necessary equipment, we will include Two Months Free Tank Maintenance along with Free Setup and Delivery!!  

Daily Specials

Check our Facebook page for daily updates on sales, events and giveaways!